Funeral Costs

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Professional fees designed to provide choice

TJ Scott & Son Funeral Directors provide a wide range of services and options to help make the funeral service as individual and personal as possible while offering choices to suit varying budgets.  

Our Professional Fees are designed to give you choice. We understand that organising a funeral means different things to different people and that there is a big difference between organising a simple non-attended cremation to an All-day Celebration of Life, and everything in between.

What do Professional Fees include?

Funeral Directors’ Professional Fees include many components including:

  • the care of your loved ones from the initial transfer to the TJ Scott & Son Mortuary Care Centre to the day of the funeral itself
  • the administrative and legislative requirements necessary in the organising of your final goodbye
  • our experienced and trained staff available 24 hours a day every day of the year and
  • the organising and attendance to the funeral

What other options can be included?

The total cost of a funeral depends on the elements you choose and what is involved in putting all those elements together.  It is important to make informed decisions so you know what is involved with each step.
There are 4 main elements of funeral expenses:

  • The funeral directors professional service fee
  • The coffin, casket or shroud selection
  • The third-party fees (out of pocket expenses)
  • The goods & services tax (GST)

The cost differences we offer reflect the time required to organise and attend the funeral itself. Any further requests from families do incur extra fees which will be provided to you at your request and approval prior to the funeral.

Prepaid Funerals
Have you Considered Funeral Bonds?

There are many benefits in paying for your funeral in advance. With a pre-paid funeral you pay in advance for your preferred funeral arrangements, calculated at today’s current prices. This means you don’t have to worry about inflation or any future price increases.

Your payment is invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund regulated under the Funerals (Prepaid Money) Act 1993. In addition if you travel you can include the Pre-paid Travelcare Plan.

This Plan helps meet the costs of transport from the place of death to your nominated Funeral Director. Planning ahead with TJ Scott & Son means you can feel assured and confident that you have taken care of everything in advance.

A pre-paid funeral puts you in charge of how you are remembered. It also gives you control so you can protect your family from unnecessary stress or financial burden at a difficult and emotional time in the future.

Share your own personal tribute

When it comes to saying goodbye you may have your own personal words or memories you would like to share. Add your tribute through our Tributes & Reflections page so you can share your special personal stories.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead makes sense. It’s a way of thinking about your life and providing an opportunity for the people in your life to know what’s
important to you.

TJ Scott & Son is a family business with over 75 years experience helping other families through funeral planning.

Many people find it helpful to think about funeral arrangements like other planned life activities, such as selling your home or retirement. Just like those financial and emotional decisions, there is no ‘one size fits all’ option. You have to think about what’s important for you and for your family.

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Eco Options

Springhall Solid Pine Eco Coffin

Naturally oiled plantation pine with dowelled joins and matching pine handles.

Greenhill Solid Pine Eco Coffin

Naturally oiled plantation pine with dowelled joins with natural rope handles.

Eucalypt Shroud Eco Option

The only Australian Shroud including Carrying bars for safe lifting. Made from 100% natural products including natural hemp, organic cotton, raw plantation pine and meets Australian Standards.


Handwoven in natural cane coffin with rope handles and biodegradable plastic lining.

Lancemore Coffin

Woollen outer layer and mattress base with organic cotton lining and pillow. Standard size 5’8” Also, larger size available 6’2”


Metal Caskets

Majestic Metal Casket Gold

The Majestic solid bronze casket features a brushed gold finish, 14 carat gold plated hardware and pearl Velvet Interior.

Garrison Metal Casket Grey

The Garrison 18 Gauge Steel casket in the elegant grey finish features the Ivory Basket Weave Interior with domed half top for the viewing experience

White Rose Metal Casket

Beautifully embroidered with the pink rose, the White Rose Casket is 18 gauge steel with a beautiful shirred light pink velvet interior.

Bolinda Casket

The Bolinda casket in the brushed copper glow and Autumn haze finish is simple, stylish and completed beautifully with the Artubus Velvet Interior.

Creswick Casket

Made from 48ox solid bronze in the classic midnight finish, the Creswick features 14 carat gold plated hardware and beautiful pearl velvet interior.

Desert Champagne Casket

Made from 29-gauge steel, featuring a shaded pin-striped finish and crepe interior.

Solid Timber caskets

Macedon Solid Timber Casket

A solid timber casket crafted from Tasmanian Blackwood with a natural finish and lined in satin

Rochford Solid Timber Casket

Made from a solid pine and featuring a rosewood colour gloss finish, this is a detailed casket with shaped ends, matching rope bar handles and completed with padded satin.

Lerdederg Solid Timber Casket

A solid timber casket made from Plantation Pine and finished in a walnut colour gloss. The Lerdederg Casket is lined in padded satin.

Bacchus Casket

Solid Poplar, American Cherry with high gloss finish and domed half top and Timber Handles. Champagne Linen Interior.

Clarkfield Casket

This refined solid poplar casket is beautifully lined with an Ivory Basket Weave. It features a two-tone high gloss finish with a domed half top.

Flowerdale Casket

The elegance of white features in this beautiful solid poplar coffin with a lovely gloss finish. It features the Domed half-top and copper tone and white timber swing bar handles.

Solid Timber Coffins

Romsey Coffin

Australian Made coffin using American Oak with a gloss finish, double raised lid and curved corners and fluted mouldings.

Windsor Coffin

A solid pine coffin in a cedar gloss finish, featuring a double raised lid and carved corners

Tylden Coffin

Rosewood stained pine with a triple-raised lid, timber mouldings and routed handle panels.

Davidson Sapelle Coffin

An elegant design in solid Sapelle timber and featuring contemporary brass handles.

Carlsruhe Solid Timber Cedar

Natural, oiled cedar with cedar rope-bar handles.

Campaspe Cedar Solid Timber

A traditional solid cedar coffin with domed-lid, routed sides and champagne satin lining.


Blackwood Solid Timber

Solid Tasmanian Blackwood with swing-bar handles and fine satin lining.

Davidson Coffin Rosewood Solid Timber

 In a traditional rosewood stained pine with semi-domed lid and smooth mouldings.

Veneer Timber Coffins


Rosewood paper veneer with a double-raised lid.

Caroline Coffin

Custom wood coffin in a metallic ivory finish and specially designed drapery

Caroline Pearl Blush

The Caroline Pearl Blush is also made using custom wood and solid timber and is distinctive gentle pink blush finish. Also available in Mint Bronze and Black.

Lyal Coffin

Teak paper veneer in a light timber grain look with a flat lid and narrow mouldings.

Monegeeta Coffin

This Australian made coffin is African Sapele timber veneered MDF with a satin finish and flat lid.

Sidonia Coffin

Timber veneered customwood with a double raised lid, buttoned sides and carved corners – in a Jarrah finish.

Coliban Coffin

Sapelle shaded paper veneer with a single-raised lid and shaped mouldings.

Caroline Rose

Paper veneer coffin with white gloss finish. The Caroline Rose features a single-raised lid, decorative coloured grooving with a pink rose on each side.


Golden teak paper veneer with double-raised lid and routed handle panels.

Drummond Coffin

Dark walnut veneer with grainy timber polished finish and single-raise lid.

Baynton Jarrah Coffin

Simple paper veneer with a flat lid and 45mm mouldings in a polished Jarrah finish.