Stress Free Planning


With a pre-paid funeral you pay in advance for your preferred funeral arrangements, calculated at today’s current prices. This means you don’t have to worry about inflation or any future price increases.

Your payment is invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund regulated under the Funerals (Prepaid Money) Act 1993.
In addition if you travel you can include the Pre-paid Travelcare Plan.
This Plan helps meet the costs of transport from the place of death to your nominated Funeral Director.

Planning ahead with TJ Scott & Son means you can feel assured and confident that you have taken care of everything in advance.

A pre-paid funeral puts you in charge of how you are remembered. It also gives you control so you can protect your family from unnecessary stress or financial burden at a difficult and emotional time in the future.

The funeral cost depends on your needs. Planning in advance means you will be fully aware of the costs upfront and be comfortable with the selections you make.

Our staff are trained and experienced in providing personalised and specialised information to help you consider your options and put your plan in place.

Call into one of our three consulting rooms in Kilmore, Kyneton or Gisborne and talk with us. Alternatively, you can make an appointment by calling
03 5422 6455. There is no obligation to have a conversation. 



Once you’ve decided on the arrangements for your funeral, the cost is calculated at current prices. Contracts will be signed and your payment invested in a funeral bond by an authorised investment group. Your funeral price will remain fixed. The interest earned by the investment covers any price rises that may occur in the future.

When you invest in a pre-paid funeral there is nothing more that needs to be paid for the services you have included. That's the peace of mind that TJ Scott & Son can offer you and your family. The amount can only be withdrawn by following the law and documentation prescribed by the Funerals (Prepaid Monies) Act 1993.

There are some third-parties that do not allow pre-payment such as cemeteries, so these expenses might not be included. Where possible we recommend you purchase your preferred burial position in the cemetery of your choice. 

To ease the pressure, you can take your time to pay for your pre-paid funeral. We provide instalment options up to two years. Your pre-paid funeral is also considered a personal investment. Investments of up to $10,000 are exempt under both the Pensions' Assets Test and Income Test (This may be subject to change).

If you move away, your pre-paid funerals can be transferred to other Funeral Directors. However, TJ Scott & Son have many years experience organising and conducting funerals interstate and we would be honoured to provide our services wherever you happen to be.