Why Pre-Plan?

Each person is unique and everyone has their own story. At T J Scott & Son we understand that pre-planning gives you the opportunity to say goodbye in a way that is unique to you.

A funeral should reflect what’s really important to you and your loved ones. It is our job to help create a remembrance service that reflects the individual and their life.

We tailor funerals to be a meaningful reflection of a life, whether it be a celebration, a relaxed or informal gathering or a traditional service with religious ritual. It is your funeral, your way.

Your funeral can bring everyone together to a special outdoor place. It may have a distinctive theme or soundtrack to remind people of your favourite song. Sustainable, eco-friendly funerals are also an option.

There are many choices, and you have the opportunity to plan ahead and decide.

A bespoke funeral creates a memorable experience for family and friends to share, and it is a moving way to say goodbye.

We can support you to have the important conversations about death and to think how you want to be remembered.

Our approach and experience makes it comfortable for you to be creative and plan ahead so that your funeral wishes can be honoured and respected.

A funeral is an event that requires extensive organisation. It requires the recording of your funeral service details before a person’s death occurs. 

There are many decisions to be made so it is valuable to consider planning in advance to avoid time pressures or distress.

The information you provide remains confidential until the time of death. 

Your instructions will then be carried out with the approval of the Will Executor or next of kin.

The pre-arranged details become legally binding if they’re lodged with a Solicitor. Otherwise they can only be considered as preferred funeral arrangements.

As experienced Funeral Directors, we can assist you to consider your options and plan ahead.

To start the conversation, think about what’s important to you on the list below:

  • Where you would prefer the service to be held
  • Preferred cemetery or crematorium
  • Celebrant or religious Minister
  • Casket, coffin or sustainable option
  • Customs e.g. religious, familial or fraternal
  • Participation of specific clubs, organisations or people
  • Nominations for casket or coffin bearers
  • Clothing and jewellery to wear
  • Special readings, biblical passages or musical selections.

Click here to download our Preplanning a Funeral brochure

It doesn’t cost a thing to pre-arrange a funeral. We offer you our ‘Pre-planning Service’ at no charge. Contact our consulting rooms to arrange an appointment to discuss pre-planned funeral arrangements.