Why Planning Ahead provides peace of mind

Planning ahead makes sense. It’s a way of thinking about your life and providing an opportunity for the people in your life to know what’s
important to you.

TJ Scott & Son is a family business with over 75 years experience helping other families through funeral planning.

Many people find it helpful to think about funeral arrangements like other planned life activities, such as selling your home or retirement. Just like those financial and emotional decisions, there is no ‘one size fits all’ option. You have to think about what’s important for you and for your family.

We know that planning ahead for funerals can also ease the emotional and financial stress on loved ones. You can make a difference to their wellbeing
by organising your own funeral in advance.

To find out how you can plan a funeral in advance, make an appointment with one of our pre-paid specialist planners who will support you to find
the best ways to give you and your family peace of mind. Our experience and compassion will guide you through.


TJ Scott & Son are trusted funeral directors with four generations of experience and expertise to help you be in charge of how you want
to be remembered.

We encourage you to come in at any stage of life to talk with us about
funeral plan options. Our approach makes it comfortable and possible to
think ahead and have the important conversations about what a funeral means to you.

We’re often involved in local community forums that prompt people to
think and communicate more openly about funerals, death and grieving.

We also guide individuals, families and friends in discussion, and help people to discover more about the range of options.

When you plan ahead you can be confident that we’ll support you to make informed choices that suit your finances and needs.

We’ll share our knowledge about the options:

  • Pre-paid Funerals: Your funeral preferences are recorded and paid for at today’s prices. There is nothing more to pay.
  • Pre-arranged Funerals: The funeral service details are recorded in advance and kept on file with your preferred funeral director.
  • Funeral Bonds: A funeral bond is a capital guaranteed investment with a specific purpose to meet future funeral expenses.
  • Funeral Insurance: Insurance is just that – insurance. You have ongoing and indefinite payments on a policy that may or may not cover your future funeral expenses.

For further information about the available options, download or call us for a copy of the Funeral Planning Options Brochure by Foresters Financial.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has developed a good resource, Paying for Funerals which is an independent and valuable guide to funeral expenses and pre-planning options.

Planning ahead is also an opportunity to think about all the little things that make up your life. Sometimes even those closest to us may not be aware of what matters to you the most and sharing your story is important. Your Goodbye is all about honouring Life. Go to their website www.yourgoodbye.com for a copy of ‘Your Story’ – a helpful booklet which prompts your stories and memories. Whether you complete it with your family or complete the details yourself let them know what is important to you.