After a funeral service the coffin or casket is transported to your nominated cemetery for a committal service, where it is lowered into the ground.

Burial can be a private moment for family members, or a part of the funeral at which all mourners are welcome.

At the end of the graveside service those present are welcome to come forward and place petals or flowers into the grave as their personal goodbye as they leave.


Choosing a coffin or casket can be challenging, however it is an important part of organising and personalising a funeral. A coffin or casket is required to transfer a deceased person safely and, more importantly, with dignity so that they can be moved as easily as possible.

We offer a large range of coffins (made of wood with a removable lid and are shaped, being broader at the shoulders and tapered to the end) and caskets (made from wood or metal and are rectangular in shape with a hinged lid).

We also offer sustainable choices such as cardboard coffins, wool coffins, wicker coffins, coffins made from renewable resources and an Australian designed and made shroud which is accepted as a receptacle for cremation at select crematoriums.

Further options are available in our range of Expressions coffins that are specially wrapped in scenic or hobby inspired images or personal photos. Product options are available on our coffins and casket product page.


We are proud to provide a range of sustainable funeral options to meet community interest in climate change and global warming. There are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint when we organise a funeral. We already offer sustainable choices but like each and every funeral, your decisions make it special, unique, and individual.

You can choose from a range of enviro friendly coffins, recycled paper funeral stationery, biodegradable balloons, local flora instead of imported cut flowers and carbon off-setting. Looking at a funeral with an environmental focus does not reduce the importance of the funeral nor diminish the tribute or celebration in any way.

We have carefully selected a few ideas to add a special touch and offer ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a funeral service. Our Sustainability Perspective Information Brochure provides different options to think about and to find your own way of remembering your loved one’s importance on this earth.


Cremation is the main alternative to burial. It is an ancient practice accepted by most religions.

After a funeral service the entire coffin or casket is placed into a cremator. Ornaments and fittings remain with the coffin, except the nameplate, which is removed for identification purposes.

Once the cremation process is complete, the crematorium staff place the cremated remains into a labelled plastic container ready for the nominated person to collect them. The remains are usually available for collection two working days after the cremation.

They can then be kept in an urn in the home, interred into a grave, scattered in a special place or memorialised in a wall or garden tribute.


Saying farewell can be done in many different ways and whether you choose to have a formal service, a celebration of life, a religious ceremony, an informal gathering or just quiet, private family time, it helps to have someone lead the gathering for you. This may be a Funeral Celebrant, a Minister or Priest or a family member or friend who are experienced in public speaking.

We can help you organise a celebrant of your choice and liaise with them throughout the planning to ensure all your needs are met. We also offer our own experienced Celebrants who understand the many aspects of a memorial service, providing a truly reflective, genuine and meaningful farewell for your loved one.

John Scott is one of the most experienced celebrants in the Macedon Ranges, arguably in Victoria. He has over 40 years experience as a celebrant who has the unique ability to capture the essence of the life of your loved one and provide a service that is genuine, memorable and moving.

Kelly Scott is also available as a funeral celebrant. Kelly understands how important it is to tell someone’s life story and feels privileged to share these memories in a personalised service created just for them.

Services are able to be celebrated in various locations, including your preferred Church, our private Chapel in Kyneton, outdoor services and various other locations.


http://www.yourgoodbye.com.au/ Download the ‘Telling Your Story’ booklet from Your Goodbye to help guide and prompt you in preparing a life story.